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About We2 

How many times do we have access to the different perspective?

We live in an unbelievably connected world, where people can share ideas and tell stories. Due to the different locations and opportunities, some are able to reach out while others are silenced. From an Iraqi man working in an oil field to a poor farmer in India to a young waitress in Peru, We2 is for you, me and us to look at the world with an open mind.

We2 gives the opportunity to share your stories, spread your voice and see things from the ground. A place where you can access the real human story. Not just the human tragedies, but also the human treasures. Perhaps, we cannot change the world but we can change minds and perspectives.

Our Team

Abhi, India

I was born in a not so well off village, where we sat on mats in a school which didn’t have a roof. Now, the last education I had was Master of Artifical Intelligence from a world top 30 university. That’s me. I have had varied experiences so far and looking forward to more. Love Indian food, and a lot of other things.

Abhi We2

Nima, Canada

As I’ve traveled through different continents, and numerous countries, I have been continuously amazed by the human story. That’s why I joined to start We2, to give a clearer picture of what is out there.

Nima We2


Tiago, Portugal

I have a big respect for everybody. One of the things that fascinates me the most is to understand people’s motivations to do whatever they do in their lives. Sharing this fascination is the reason I want to be part of We2.

Tiago We2


Vish, India

Coming from a small town in India, to move across continents and meet people from all over the globe has been my biggest education. I believe that every person has a story and something that we might not know. I believe that We2 will let us see the world with no filter.

Vish We2