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Where is that? – Darvaza Crater, Turkmenistan

written by We2team March 10, 2016
Where is that? Turkmenistan Darvaza crater

Darvaza Crater

Deep in the heart of Central Asia lies the country of Turkmenistan. Although it has the same size as Spain, Turkmenistan is home to only 5 million people. Making it no surprise that it doesn’t have many tourists visiting either.

The majority of the country is occupied by the massive Karakum Desert, which is a fairly inhabitable place. However, there is one thing that stands out, a massive crater in the ground known by the locals as the “Gateway to Hell”.

In 1971, an oil rig caused a collapse that eventually lead to the creation of the Darvaza Crater. Authorities decided to let the fire burn out. But the problem is, it is still burning.

Turkmenistan Darvaza crater
Nowadays, it is a site which is perfect for tourism and camping around the area is also allowed.
Turkmenistan Darvaza crater
Turkmenistan Darvaza crater

So, if you ever happen to find yourself in Turkmenistan, make sure you visit the Darvaza Crater. Have you heard about Darvaza crater before, what are your thoughts?

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