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Homs, Syria After the war

written by We2team March 11, 2016

Homs, Syria after the war

A Video showing today in Homs Syria after the war.

Sigurd Falkenberg Mikkelsen has been reporting from Homs, Syria for NRK Urix, A Norwegian channel. Here are few of the stories from Homs over the last few days since the ceasefire in Syria.
Homs Syria after the war

It was here the uprising against Assad began. Five years after are big parts of town destroyed, but many hope now that      the armistice will last and that they can start to build up their lives again.

Homs Syria after the war

In Syria war has made many women to become single parents. Abeer Souma started working at a bread factory in Homs two years ago. She lives in the last rebel controlled district.

Homs Syria after the war

16 years old Mohammed El-Mergharbel was one of them we met in Homs today. He works at a checkpoint loading boxes. He had to quit school in fifth grade, to provide for his mother and three sisters. Mohammed’s the one with the hat.

Homs Syria

Some civilians have returned to the ruined district Khaldiyeh in Homs.

Hons Mons after the war

This was Homs before the war.

Credits: Sigurd Falkenberg Mikkelsen, NRKs Midtøsten-korrespondent for the video, pictures and quotes.

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