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Laxmi Agarwal – We2 Inspiring individual

written by We2team March 6, 2016
Laxmi agarwal We2 Inspiring Individual

Laxmi Agarwal – We2 Inspiring individual

At the age of 15, Laxmi Agarwal, was a regular girl living in New Delhi. One day, that all
changed. A 32 year old man, who had been rejected by 15 year old Laxmi, attacked her with acid outside
of a bus station.

The attack resulted in Laxmi requiring numerous operations, and to this day she is left with
scars to remind her of the past.

But Laxmi does not live in the past. She became a campaigner for survivors of acid attacks, is
now the director of an NGO, and was given the prize of NDTV’s Indian of the Year. Furthermore,
despite the damage done to her on the attacks, Laxmi Agarwal is also a model for the brand Viva N Diva.

Keep it up Laxmi.

A We2 Inspiring Individual.

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